A business leader is the individual who transforms potential into performance. This program, prepared for business leaders who have to respond with limited resources to the high expectations of today’s business world, aims to make them aware of their strengths and put them in a journey into their inner world. It is possible for all business leaders to raise their energies by reflecting their hidden potentials to life and to spread it in the institution in order to reach higher targets. The business leaders attending this program will learn new ways to inspire, excite and convince their teams for realising high targets. This program recommends routes other than the traditional way of “working more, faster and longer” to reach success.

The headings included in this study:

  • The altered world and working behaviours in the 21st century
  • Changing values and the characteristics of leader personality
  • Why humans work and how they can work better?
  • The basic step for increased productivity: Holding on to work with four hands
  • Preserving peace and productivity under pressure
  • Structuring the individual value system
  • Balancing the business life and private life
  • Regulating relationships with people
  • Radiating positive feelings and constructive energy to the environment
  • Shaping the future beyond expectations
  • Creating the personal development roadmap

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