We the Baltaş Education Consultancy and Trading S.A. (The Baltaş Group) would like to inform you our esteemed users that in compliance with the Law No.6698 for Protection of Personal Data (the “KVKK”) and the related regulations and with the responsibility of the Data Controller, your personal data will be recorded, kept, updated, shared with a 3rd party under the present related regulations, classified, and processed according to the rules and procedures indicated in the said law and regulations, within the framework described herebelow.

Personal data comprise the name, surname, the Turkish Republic citizenship identity number, address and contact coordinates  and all information enabling one’s identification or being identifiable,  which therefore also comprise, but not limited to, the  personal and/or private information related to the contact information including  the name, surname , telephone number, e-mail and business addresses of the third parties one is in active interaction with, such as consultants, contractors or partners, one’s self and intermediaries, employers or an individual authorised for  liaising with us for our services, and data processed from time to time on the CRM data bases, the data processed on our tests platform, the data processed on our web sites (baltasgrubu.com, baltasonline.net, acarbaltas.com, nudgenetwork.net,  wobiturkiye.com, kaynakdergisi.net, kaynakdergi.com) and the data processed on the platforms of our solution partners , which have  been designated as “personal data” with respect to its use, processing and transfer.

I. The legal reasons for and the objectives of personal data processing

The Baltaş Group is processing the personal data of its users on grounds of the objectives and legal reasons depicted herebelow:

• For carrying out the saving, informing, reporting and the other related responsibilities,
• For meeting the requests of the Information Technologies and Communication Institute and other lated, reappointed authorities for information and documentation                                                                         • For the presentation of the other products and services of our company
• For enacting the service agreement  made
• For  acquiring  personal data by the Baltaş Group and the associates of the Baltaş Group as the Data Controller, described in the scope of the European Laws and Regulations or the equivalent local laws for the saving, privacy and secrecy of personal data.  

The personal data of the Baltaş Group and the Baltaş Group associates are processed,

      (i)  For the provision of the licenced area and services

      (ii) For accounts management, invoicing and agreement, operational care and support activities, security and prevention of forgery and the inclusion of personal data in the data bases of the Baltaş Group and the Baltaş Group associates, subject to their having being previously exposed to the public, for the purpose of client and market analysis and reporting

       (iii) For the provision of client contacting by voice, letter, fax or email the products and services of the Baltaş Group and the Baltaş Group associates or third parties through the intermediaiton by the Baltaş Group Pazaryeri

II. The individuals and institutions that the personal data can be trasnferred to with the objectives summarised above:

Within the framework of the related law and statutes/regulations, The Baltaş Group will be able to share the personal data of its client/users with the individuals and institutions outlined below:

• On the basis of the Electronic Communication Law - No 5809 and the the Law on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publications –No 5651 and the commissioned and authorised officer and legal entities in accordance with the related statutes and regulations

• The persons and institutions our group of companies and other third parties the Baltaş Group associates receive services from, collaborate with and act/will act as program partners so as to run the business of our company to carry out and control the services outlined on client contracts and agreements

III. Method of Collecting Personal Data

The personal data of the client/user can be collected by means of our internet web sites, Online Processing Center, Call Center, mobile data collection applications of our companies, social media channels and written or electronic media.

IV.  Client/User rights given by the Law No.6698 for Protection of Personal Data 6698

By written application to Baltaş Eğitim Danışmanlık & Tic. A.Ş.; Göksu Evleri, Sıraselvi sok. B116, Anadoluhisarı - Beykoz / 34815 Istanbul you have the right to reach the following about your personal data:

a) Whether your data have been processed
b) Demand information if they have been processed
c) T
he aim of the processing and whether  it was appropriate for its aim
d) The 3rd parties in Turkey which they have been transferred  to,
e) Demanding amendment/correction for wrong and missing data                                

f) Demanding their deletion/permanent erasure as per KVKK- item 7
g) Demanding the information given on contents of (d) and
(e) above  to the said 3rd parties
h) Objecting to
any result after especially analysis of the data by automatic systems
i) Demanding recompensation for any damages resulting from processing of the data illegally. 

V. How the personal data are protected

The Baltaş Group attaches great importace to the protection of personal data by taking all necessary precautions to prevent access without authority or their loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

The Baltaş Group guarantees to keep the client/user personal data safe and take all necessary physical, technical and security measures to preserve thier privacy.  Despite taking all steps for data security, any damage to the data or their acquisiton by third parities as a result of cyber attack on the internet site or the system used, the Baltaş Group will immediately inform the client/user and the Data Proection Authority and takes all the necessary steps.

The Contact Request Form can be down loaded to be filled by ticking the link

VI. Changes

The Baltaş Group can always make changes in its policies on personal data protection. These changes, new decisions and/or policies take immediate effect with their announcement in the internet web site under such circumstances, the client/users are given the required information

Our user who has entered the web site, is considered to have read the “Policy for Protection of Personal Data” and consented to it.

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