Business simulations are one of the most effective training tools, as evidenced by research. Simulation reproduces the identical of any system, creating the idea of 'system thinking' in the participant. It enables the person to test the question "What happens if this happens" and to see "what happens". During the simulation, it is possible to try different strategies and applications without compromising the system. In this process, the person learns how the system works, what activates it, what needs to be done to improve performance under different conditions and depending on different scenarios.

Celemi Solution Providers is a Swedish-based organization that has developed unrivaled and unique products worldwide in business simulations since 1972 and operates through partners in more than 40 countries. Celemi products have been successfully used by the world's leading companies as well as medium and small scaled companies for years. Celemi's business simulations are offered by its Turkish partner Baltaş Group to the use of organizations that aim to achieve high business performance, through Baltaş instructors authorized by Celemi.

Our Solutions

     Business Games and Simulations

  • Apple and Oranges: Business finance for everyone
  • Decision Base: Pulling in the same direction
  • Cayenne: Secure project success
  • Enterprise: Stay ahead in a changing world
  • Sales Endeavour: Winning sales navigation
  • Livon: Differentiate or die
  • Dreamland: Teambuilding a country

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