With over thirty years of experience and accumulated knowledge in the field of human resources, Baltaş Group provides training, assessment and project-based consulting services for corporations.


Baltaş provides over 40 authentic training programs which create a difference and an impact on Turkish business life. Besides standard training programs, we also design, customize and deliver new training programs which target specific needs determined by needs analyses and field studies carried out at the institutions.

Baltaş training programs are based on neuro-psychological data associated with adult learning and the human mind. Brief and essential lectures are delivered with active participation and interaction from the participants. Knowledge, skills and awareness gained are embodied in the business environment. This process is supported by training aids and manuals specifically prepared for each training program and participant.


Asessment Center allows for observation of candidates through specially desgined tools in order to evaluate their skills and competencies directly related to the job that contributes to corporate efficiency.


Our consultancy services assist institutionalization, growth, merging and restructuring needs of companies, as well as structuring projects and all human resources processes. Recommendations and project design suggestions based on data collected through quantitative and qualitative diagnosis and evaluation techniques are shared with the management, Implementation is monitored and advised with regular reporting.

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