Success depends on health, happiness and correct use of energy. Our most valuable asset is not time but energy. Time gains a meaning when transformed into energy. The power and productivity of individuals are comensurate with the responsibility they take using the energy reflected to life. The common characteristic of all successful artists, sportspersons, venturers and managers in business is dedicating themselves from the heart to their occupations. This is the reflection of physical, mental, emotional and psychic energy onto life.

This program should open new horizons to the attendees for inspiring, exciting, convincing for realisation of lofty targets.

The headings included in this speech are:

  • The determinants of happiness in private life and of success in business life
  • Focusing the energy correctly for a quality life
  • Gold collared work behaviour and dedication from the heart
  • Transferring high positive energy to the work environment and dedication from the heart
  • Implemeting the life quality triangle in one’s life
  • Chosen reactions and chosen life
  • Going beyond expectations to shape the future
  • Creating a sense of meaningfulness in business life and private life

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