• Living Life to the Fullest
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: "Hayatın Hakkını Vermek" Sağlıklı, Uzun ve Mutlu Yaşamak"

    First Edition: 2020
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Doğan Kitap Yayınları 344 Pages
    Publication Date: 12/2020
    ISBN: 978-605-09-7911-4

    "Living Life to the Fullest
    Having a Healthy, Long and Happy Life"

    Regardless of our age, we all try to fulfil our lives and ourselves. It is because a life in the search of meaning is always under construction.

    Life slips by. 
    We want to live longer but not grow older.
    We think the longer we live, the happier we will be.
    We never want to feel sad.
    We live life to enjoy it and we think we will be happy if we enjoy it.
    We set goals, take steps.
    We listen to the experts’ opinions, do what is told to us, but still we are confused.
    We want lives worth living, but we precisely don't know how.
    Well, how much do our actions match with the findings of long-term scientific research?

    This book aims to accompany the readers and give them the opportunity to evaluate their lives. Acar Baltaş questions common beliefs in the light of scientific knowledge, comprehensively discusses the rights and wrongs of long living and the principles leading oneself to happiness.

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  • My First Job
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.
    Original Title: İlk İşim
    Remzi Kitapevi Yayınları 272 Pages
    Publication Date: 5/2019
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1799-2
    MY FIRST JOB: Real Life Srories
    Acar Baltaş, Prof. Dr , Handan O. Uşaklıgil
    “Experiences related to the early years of taking the lunge into life…”
    Responsibilities taken in childhood and work carried out during student years help individuals gain skills for living that will last a lifetime,
    ● Taking responsibility
    ● Recognising one’s self and the work that suits or does not suit one’s self
    ● Making decisions and seeing the outcomes
    ● Discovering one’s potentials by getting out of the comfort zone
    ● Forming relationships with people from different age and culture groups
    ● Being part of the team, developing collaboration and interdependence
    ● Regulating emotions
    ● Having the idea about the worth of money
    This book introduces the reader to the experiences gained at early ages and reflected to all areas of life by self sufficient and healthy adult individuals


  • Leadership as a Journey
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: Bir Yolculuk Olarak Liderlik

    Remzi Kitapevi Publications 264 Pages
    Publication Date: 12/2018
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1882-1
    First Edition: 2018
    Edition Language: Turkish
    "LEADERSHIP As a Journey"

    The race to reach the South Pole between the British Robert F. Scott and the Norwegian Roald Amundsen in 1911 is a rare opportunity to compare “good leadership” with “bad leadership”.

    The return of Sir Ernest Shackleton, yet another South Pole discoverer, back to Britain with his entire crew two years after losing his ship that got stuck in the ice, is another story that remains as a source of inspiration for the contemporary leaders.

    The discovery journeys made to the South Pole were much like the ventures to discover new continents in the middle ages, to set foot on the moon in the 1960s and the current attempts to travel to Mars and Venus today. Understanding the aspirations of the people who dare undertake these extremely dangerous journeys and to form bridges between the problems they faced and today’s leaders will cause heightened awareness in the reader on the understanding of leadership and management.


  • Managing in Turkish Culture
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: Türk Kültüründe Yönetmek, Managing in Turkish Culture

    Remzi Kitapevi Publications 240 Pages
    Publication date: 02/2013
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1547-9
    First Edition: 2010
    Edition Language: English, Turkish

    "Managing in Turkish Culture" written by Prof. Dr. Acar Baltaş, has been made available for the readers by the publisher Remzi Kitabevi.

    This book is a look at the business life with the eyes of a psychologist.

    Western languages do not have the equivalents of words that wrap up unclear concepts of bondage, loyalty or obligation in approaching relationships as in our language because the cultural resources of these languages lack these concepts. In contrast, the equivalents of concepts of “vision”, mission, strategy and planning are not found in our language. Accoding to our tradition “the caravan sets out and its steam comes from behind”.

    Language psychology which reflect the thinking style of a culture demonstrates the reasons for the formation and not formation of these types of concepts and their traces in the present life. This book, as does language psychology, searches how the Turkish business world is affected by its own cultural values and aims at showing the leader interested in these values how to be successful at home and abroad.

    Zuhal Baltas Ph.D
    Original Title: Ah Bu Öğrenme
    Remzi Kitapevi Publications 72 Pages
    Publication Date: 03/2016
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1699-5

    "New Trends, Adult Learning and İnstitutional Solutions"

    Given that the innovation culture and competency are the current determinants in competition, the strategies on training and education of institutions have changed. When asked how well the universities prepare the youth for business life, only 11 percent of business leaders have given positive replies. Therefore, while on the one hand the universities are developing different methods, companies orient to founding their own universities and academies. In this book the new scientific results on the area of education are analysed.
    • The obligation to carry data driven information to life
    • Passage from depositing information in the brain to search engines,
    • The future role of mass online education
    • Institutions meeting the knowledge, skill and competence deficits of employees
    • Unavoidability of e-learning in blended learning
    • Teaching by androgogy and coaching
    • Methods of inverted learning in corporate education.
    The changes in learning methods have burdened educators and learners with new responsibilities. “Oh This Learning” offers individuals and institutions contemporary approaches in learning journeys.


  • In-House Coaching
    Zuhal Baltaş Ph.D.

    Original Title: Kurum İçi Koçluk

    First Edition: 2011
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitapevi Publications 56 Pages
    Publication Date: 03/2011
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1432-8

    In-house Coaching” written by Prof. Dr. Zuhal Baltaş has been presented to the readers by the publishers Remzi Kitabevi.

    Following the effective participation of the generation Y with significantly altered business habits into business life, the importance of coaching has increased by many folds. In-house coaching written by Prof. Dr. Zuhal Baltaş gives the reader clues about creating work satisfaction and increasing productivity.

    Coaching in the institution is a learning and development project yielding fast results in creating work satisfaction and increasing productivity by helping those employees, identified with scientifically based evaluations, gain the intellectual acquisitions of the institution.

    Through this work the institution provides the managers, whose coaching skills are helped to develop, the opportunity for

    • Recognising one’s personality
    • Organising the values
    • Strengthening the corporate culture by creating awareness in the business processes of the institution
    • Managing the employee performance without extremes of stress or comfort
    • Developing creativity and new skills
    • Contributing to themselves and their teams for sustained success


  • Decisions Suffer The Punishment Of Foolish Decisions
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: Akılsız Duyguların Cezasını Kararlar Çeker

    Remzi Kitabevi Yayınları 256 Pages
    Publication Date: 10/2015
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1689-6

    Decisions Suffer The Punishment Of Foolish Decisions

    Why do intelligent people make wrong decisions? A thin line separates the “good” and the “bad” decisions of humans. This book focuses on a thin line that has great significance in life. The decisions that we believe to result from our conscious and free will are mostly directed by external factors we are not aware of. This book searches the neuroscientific basis of the decisions made in life and qualifies as a valuable guide book for becoming aware of our irrational yet consistent behaviours and ‘“deciding without making a mistake” as against “thinking without thinking”.

    What was said about the book

    Acar Baltaş discusses the issue of decision making from multiple angles. With his fluent style, he presents to the reader a blend of the latest developments on the subject in different branches of science with his own experiences and observations. This is a work to be kept next to a manager’s reference books after reading it with pleasure.
    Dr. CEM KOZLU, Director, author and consultant for the Coca Cola Company.

    Acar Baltaş has explained very well how erroneous it is to try to make a decison without a mistake. Read the book and make peace with yourself. There cannot be unmistaken feelings or decisions without a mistake.
    EGE CANSEN, Economist, economy analyst of the Sözcü newspaper.

    Do we, the people, have a free will or not? Are we beings with long predetermined fortunes? Acar Baltaş answers these questions from a current and very important point that touches life. Are “we” and our brain separate beings? So well written to be read in a single breath, this improtant book puts the discussions of many centuries before us.
    İSMET BERKAN, Hürriyet Newspaper columnist

    In this book of his, Acar Baltaş shares with his usual open and effective style the answers he has found in the light of brain and behavioural sciences to the basic questions about our decisions.
    Prof. Dr. YANKI YAZGAN, Marmara Üniversity Faculty of Medicine, Yale Child Study Center lecturer



  • Stretch Your Imagination Up To Your Limit
    Acar Baltaş Ph.D.

    Original Title: Hayalini Yorganına Göre Uzat

    First Edition: 2007
    Edition Language: Turkish

    Remzi Kitapevi Publications 144 Pages
    Publication date: 12/2007
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1494-6

    Stretch Your Imagination Up To Your Limit

    According to the understanding of the latest years, the secret of success is only in wanting. Doubtless, the “successful” emerge from among the those who “want”, yet not all those who want reach success. Besides wanting, individuals have to be aware of their realities and follow them for a successful and happy life. This book provides different and striking approaches not included in the generalised understanding in business and personal lives.


  • The New Hr Adding Value To Humans And To Work
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: İnsana ve İşe Değer Katan Yeni İK

    First Edition: 2009
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitapevi Publications 328 Pages
    Publication Date: 04/2009
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1337-6

    The New Hr: Adding Value To Humans And To Work

    This book by Prof. Dr. Acar Baltaş, who is well acquainted with the path stretching from Personnel Management to Human Resources (HR) Management, stands as a guide book in the subject of human resources. It is written with the belief that a radical change was needed in the views of human resourcing on business life.

    In his evaluations, Prof. Dr. Acar Baltaş argues that the business world experiencing a stormy process of fast change in the passage from the industrial stage with the dominance of value added by labour to that of information processing has forced HR workers and managers into a struggle they have not been used to. He states that HR, by going beyond being a supportive unit serving the internal client and improving the internal processes of the institution, has to understand the competition the institution is in, produce solutions suiting the client opinion and to create all of this within the logic of trading.

    This book, which will impart the business sector a different perspective, aims to alter the passive role of HR from that of adaptation to the changing world to an effective contemporary role in triggering change and realising conversion.


  • Emotional Intelligence
    Zuhal Baltas Ph.D

    Original Title: Duygusal Zeka

    First Edition: 2006
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 72 Pages
    Publication Date: 03/2006
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1105-1

    EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, the illumination of the human world that is reflected onto human business, is the talent for recognising, understanding and effective use of emotions that enables one to cope with the self and the others. Recently done studies have shown that emotional intelligence is as effective as the cognitive intelligence in all aspects of life.

    Mental power cannot be productive without the maturity reflected to life by emotional intelligence. The meaning and tolerability of life is hidden within the synergy born from the effective use of the mind and the emotions. In this book you will recognise your

    • Emotions and speed of adapting to change
    • Resilience in facing stress
    • Positive thoughts and talent for empathy

  • To Be The Business Leader At Single Breath
    Acar Baltas Ph.D. and İdil Sevil

    Original Title: İşinin Lideri Olmak

    First Edition: 2007
    Edition Language: Turkish 
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 48 Pages
    Publication Date: 06/2007
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1209-6

    Being The Leader of One’s Business”, the second book of the “At A Single Breath” (typical in Turkish for “at a single attempt”) written by Prof. Dr. Acar Baltaş and İdil Sevil has been made avialable by the publishers Remzi Kitabevi.

    Efforts to be acceptible in a community requires displaying behaviours such as communicating, collaboration and being supportive.

    In every community, individuals come into prominence and reach the forefront by playing their roles well. Those who do their business well, produce effective solutions to problems, manage and affect well others in their environment gain a front position by the “going to the front line” behaviour. Those who succeed in “getting along well” and “getting to the front” rise to the leardership position.

    “Being The Leader of One’s Business” offers open and lasting information on the rules enabling “getting along well” and “getting to the front” by presenting examples from business life.


  • Communication And Body Language In Sales
    Acar Baltas Ph.D. and İdil Sevil and İlhan Ürkmez

    Original Title: Satışta İletişim ve Bedenin Dili

    First Edition: 2007
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 87 Pages
    Publiation Date: 03/2007
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1192-1

    Communication And Body Language In Sales

    Current approaches to sales cannot be conceived as just selling the stocked product to the customer. A successful sale relies on concomitantly establishing a strong, lasting and good quality relationship with the customer. A great proportion of sales negotiations fail when the sales representative does not consider forming relationship with the potential customer. There is a strong corelation between sales and the “level of maturity” of this seller-customer realtionship. Hence, a good sales representative should also be a good “relationship manager”.

    This book, written to assist the reader to obtain the desired results in sales, includes the following:

    • The ways of communicating effective messages to customers
    • The ways of understanding not only the verbal messages of the customers but also the non-verbal messages in their body language
    • The methods of starting and maintaining the correct contact with customers



  • The Handbook Of The New Manager
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: Yeni Yöneticinin El Kitabı

    First Edition: 2007
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publicacations 72 Pages
    Publcation Date: 01/2007
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1185-3

    The Handbook Of The New Manager

    It is not possible to know where the next problem will emerge from when working with hard to manage subordinates and superiors with unrealistic expectations. The success of new managers in such a position relies on the success of their subordinates.

    The Handbook of the New Manager includes the ways and methods to be successful by inspiring, exciting and activating those working for the new manager which ensure gaining the trust and respect of both the subordinates and the superiors.


  • Creating Value With Change
    Zuhal Baltas Ph.D

    Original Title: Değişimde Değer Yaratmak

    First Edition: 2002
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Yayınları 48 sayfa
    Yayım Tarihi: 03/2002
    ISBN: 978-975-14-0848-8

    Creating Value With Change

    In the book on "Creating Value With Change” gives the reader basic information and keys on

    • Understanding change, and what they introduce and take away,
    • İdentifying their own roles within the whole of the change,
    • Developing coping strategies for the future

    It has thus been aimed to cope with and to facilitate the process of change and to maintain the institutional productivity at the highest level. While merging the information and accumulated experience in coping with the realities currently experienced in change, the book also confers the reader a new perspective for controlling personal and business life and the ability to plan the future.


  • Team Work Creating A Difference In Competition
    Acar Baltaş Ph.D.

    Original Title: Rekabette Fark Yaratan Ekip Çalışması

    First Edition: 2003
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 72 Pages
    Publication Date: 12/2003
    ISBN: 978-975-14-0949-2

    Team Work Creating A Difference In Competition

    Accord in the team is perceived by many as good relationships and the absence of problems within the team. In such an environment aiming at not having any problems in human relationships, nobody forces another, priorities of business are not given the required attention. The price of such an “accord” is paid by the institution. Successful teamwork is achieved by changing this attitutde. The aims of team leaders should be to catch the synergy by turning conflicts to understanding, to obtain their demands without force and being forced, to focus on the corporate values and not on their egos.


  • Value Adding Teamwork
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: Değer Katan Ekip Çalışması

    First Edition: 2003
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 56 Pages
    Publication Datei: 03/2003
    ISBN: 978-975-14-0915-7

    Value Adding Teamwork

    Individuals with the right characteristics and experience in teamwork can come together for a defined aim and produce novel ideas and products. What ensures the intra-team synergy are these differences in personal assets, because “none of us can think as well as all of us”.


  • Presentations Making Impressions In The Mind And Heart
    Zuhal Baltas Ph.D

    Original Title: Akılda ve Yürekte İz Bırakan Sunuş

    First Edition: 2003
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 56 Pages
    Publication Date: 01/2003
    ISBN: 978-975-14-0905-8

    Presentations Making Impressions In The Mind And Heart

    Presentations Making Impressions in the Mind and Heart includes technical information and the methods for effective use of this information since technical knowledge serves the objecives only when joined by effective usage skills.


  • The Secret Of Productive Business Life: Stress
    Zuhal Baltas Ph.D

    Original Title: Verimli İş Hayatının Sırrı:Stres

    First Edition: 2002
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 64 Pages
    Publciation Datei: 07/2002
    ISBN: 978-975-14-0874-7

    The Secret Of Productive Business Life: Stress

    If knowledge, skills and competence as the means are below the level of the expected business success, or if the individual feels incapacitated for coping with the strains involved, it be can be said that the conditions leading to stress are ready. If a large difference is perceived between what we do and what we want to do or who we are and who we want to be, stress appears. However, it is up to the individual to use burdensome stress as a power source for becoming more successful and productive.


  • Seeing Opportunities In Crisis
    Zuhal Baltas Ph.D

    Original Title: Krizde Fırsatları Görmek

    First Edition: 2002
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 52 Pages
    Publciation Date: 04/2002
    ISBN: 978-975-14-0852-5

    Seeing Opportunities In Crisis

    The aims of the book “Seeing Opportunities in Crises” are to help the management determine new institutional targets, to introduce the employees the behavioral factors necessary to achieve these targets and thereby to facilitate for the management the way to cope with crises.

    In this book, it has been intended to present information and experiences in relation to management in crisis overlapping with the realities of the crisis environment, in order to impart a new perspective to managers to be able to control their businesses and lives, plan their futures and produce a selection of solutions within the context of these plans.


  • The 12 Keys Of Business Success İn The New Millenium
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: Yeni Binyılda İş Başarısının 12 Anahtarı

    First Edition: 2002
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Baltaş Bilgievi Publications 47 Pages
    Publication Date: 09/2002
    ISBN: 978-975-14-0887-7

    The 12 Keys Of Business Success İn The New Millenium

    As competition increases in the business world, the pressure on the employees is also increasing. Workers have to spend longer hours in the workplace and have to spend the total of their energies to be productive. Novel solutions are needed in such a world where we cannot be successful by repeating what we have been doing; and, what’s more, nobody has the solutions to these problems. However, this small book is there to help being successful in the new millenium by including 12 fundemental rules.


  • Team Work And Leadership
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: Ekip Çalışması ve Liderlik

    First Edition: 200
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Publications 224 Pages
    Publication Date: 12/2000
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1057-3

    Team Work And Leadership

    Leadership in all stages of life has gained importance. The concept of management, previously referred to as directorship, is not able to meet the complicated needs of the current world. The information in the weekend issue of a major newspaper is in excess of the information to be encountered in the life of an individual in the 17th century. It is difficult to “manage” much in the present world. We can only provide leadership, which is to affect and to change the outcome. Nothing more, nothing less.

    While, on the other hand, the reality for the industrial community is “produce, stock and sell”, it is “sell, produce and deliver” for the informed community, such that it is difficult to solve the problems faced by the informed community with the mental maps of the industrial community. Hence, a business leader should

    • Restructure the work processes
    • Redefine relationships
    • Handle the problems with a new point of view

    The contemporary leader has to think with the mental maps of today to give value to past experiences.


  • Body Language
    Zuhal Baltas Ph.D. and Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: Bedenin Dili

    First Edition: 1991
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 166 Pages
    Publication Date: 01/1992
    ISBN: 978-975-14-0797-9

    Body Language

    In face to face communication

    • Words have 10%
    • Tone of voice has 30%
    • Body language has 60% importance.

    If it is desired to collaborate more easily with others, to ensure being liked more by highly regarded persons and to understand those in one’s environment with their true feelings and thoughts, this book will teach better understanding and interpretation of body language and provide important clues for increasing the effectiveness of what is said and done and also what is hidden in the body language of others.


  • Superior Success
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: Üstün Başarı

    First Edition: 1989
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 254 Pages
    Publication Date: 04/1989
    ISBN: 978-975-14-0355-1

    Superior Success

    This book offers the keys for the ways of being successful by reaching the core of learning, one’s own working behaviours, special tests for estimating examination anxiety and the level of stress, fast reading and assimilating information, special methods for preventing forgetting and developing the memory, the scientific basis of learning and to reach SUPERIOR SUCCESS.


  • Stress And Coping Ways
    Zuhal Baltas Ph.D. and Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title:Stres ve Başaçıkma Yolları

    First Edition: 1986
    Edition Language: Turkish
    ISBN: 978-975-14-0178-6

    Stress and Coping Ways

    If one cannot form close emotional relationships, take pleasure of living, be productive and successful in business, stress is the probable underlying reason. One should not expect to become ill when having complaints which cannot be diagnosed as a real disease. The reader will find in this book ways of coping with stress, being successful under stress and of protecting one’s health.


  • The Parent Handbook
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: Anababa El Kitabı

    First Edition:  1994
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 128 Pages
    Publication Date: 12/1994
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1291-1

    The Parent Handbook

    In this book the parents are given the keys of the approach to enable their children on

    • Gaining security
    • Loving life
    • Gaining skills, responsibility and positive behaviours
    • The feeling for collaboration
    • Gaining a mature human identity by self-acceptance



  • Health Psychology, Behavioral Sciences In Public Health
    Zuhal Baltas Ph.D

    Original Title: Sağlık Psikolojisi

    First Edition: 2000
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 285 Pages Publication Date: 04/2000
    ISBN: 9789751407344

    Health Psychology, Behavioral Sciences In Public Health

    Contributing to the community and human values by feeling contentment with one’s own life adds to the worth of human existence. The fundamental condition for this is being healthy. There is need for a point of view encompassing all variables that affect health in order to recognise health problems and find and produce the appropriate solutions and treatment ways on an individual basis. One of these variables is health psychology.

    Health psychology, using the principles of psychology to change the thoughts, attitudes and behaviours of humans on health and disease, assumes an important mission to form the foundation of all protective and developmental studies principally in the health sector and also in every area centered on human resources.

    “Health Psychology”, written by Prof. Dr. Zuhal Baltaş, has reached its 5th edition. It comprises health behaviour parallel to the subject of stress, health belief models, standardisation of psychological tests, life styles, communications on health and health psychology at work. It is the first output in the subject of health psychology and the bridges it forms with medical science.


  • Team Management At A Single Breath
    Acar Baltas Ph.D. and İdil Sevil

    Original Title:Bir Solukta Ekip Yönetimi

    First Edition: 2006
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 48 Pages
    Publication Date: 11/2006
    ISBN: 978-975-14-1162-4

    Team Management At A Single Breath

    Business leaders are individuals who together with their teams reach and maintain successful outcomes in competition. Success of leaders depend on the high performance of their staff. Leaders must realise the strong reflection of the energy and creativity of their teams on the work environment and to form a synergy with the energy and creativity of the others. Team Management ‘At A Single Breath’ (typical in Turkish for ‘at a single attempt’) clearly explains the rules of successful team leadership by giving examples from the business world and gives applicable and lasting information.


  • Business Leaders Who Create Powerful Companies
    Acar Baltas Ph.D.

    Original Title: Güçlü Şirketleri Yaratan İş Liderleri

    First Edition: 2002
    Edition Language: Turkish
    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 48 Pages
    Publication Date: 04/2002
    ISBN: 978-975-14-0851-8

    Business Leaders Who Create Powerful Companies

    It is the employees who carry a company towards success. The success of the employees is correlated with the company culture. This is a ‘seed and soil’ type of relationship. Obtaining a good product is possible by planting the good quality seed in fertile and suitable soil and taking good care of it. This book demonstrates this relationship in a simple style.


  • The Parent School
    K. Aydoğmuş / A. Baltaş / Z. Baltaş / Ü. Davaslıgil / O. Güngörmüş / E. Konuk / Ü. Korkmazlar / Ö. Köknel / L. Navaro / A. Oktay / N. Razon / H. Yavuzer

    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 256 Pages
    Publications Date: 1990
    ISBN 975-14-0153-4

    The Parent School

    The subjects stressed in this book include:

    • How to establish a healthy realtionship with the child
    • Widespread parent attitudes
    • Childhood stages and charactersitics of development
    • Solving problems between parents
    • The role of the family in increasing the academic success of the child
    • Adjustment and behavioral disorders in children
    • Education of the child on sex


  • Healthy Slimming
    Uğur Tuzlacı, Ayşe Toygar, Dr. Acar Baltaş

    Remzi Kitabevi Publications 139 Pages
    Publication Date: 1993
    ISBN 975-14-0376-6

    Healthy Slimming

    In this book, the reader will find

    • Slimming by healthy nourishment and the diet for protecting the body weight
    • The ways of slimming without excessively limiting calory intake and giving up favoured meals,
    • The precautions against elevated cholesterol
    • A list of menus that can be prepared without having to calculate the calories
    • Practical and easily applicable exercise programs.
  • Public Health Handbook
    Zuhal Baltas Ph.D

    Cerrahpaşa Medical Falulty Publications, Soft Cover, 824 Pages
    Publication Date: 2008
    ISBN: 9789754048063

    Public Health Handbook

    Public health studies are described as the academic studies pursued at the communal, organisational and individual level to prevent disease, prolong life span and promote health.

    “Public Health Handbook”, written in the fourtieth year of founding of Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty with the original approaches of academic staff from different disciplines with the aim to transfer the mission of public health to the physicians of the future.

  • Hospital Management
    Zuhal Baltas Ph.D

    Editors: Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur, Uzm. Dr. Tunçay Palteki
    Publishers: Nobel Tıp Kitabevi
    Publicaiton Date: 02/2013
    ISBN: 9789754209501
    Cilt/Sayfa Sayısı: 1 adet ciltsiz normal kapaklı / 1125 sayfa

    Hospital Management

    “Hospital Management” has been written with the aim of establishing the principles of the contemporary methods of hospital management. This book, prepared on the principle that the process of management in the health sector relies on a multidirectional knowledge and skills, qualifies as a guide book for the education of healthcare personnel and to be consulted for the development of the healthcare professionals who aleady have a position in the field.

    Prof. Dr. Zuhal Baltaş and Prof. Dr. Acar Baltaş are among the authors of this book. Dr. Zuhal Baltaş has contributed the sections on “Coaching and Mentoring in Healthcare Services”, “Satisfaction Studies”; and Dr. Acar Baltaş has written the sections on “Personality and Life Span”, “Management and Leadership in Healthcare Services” and “Managing Health Institutions with Values”.

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